Pinnacles, the turning points in your life, by Peter Dobrovic

Pinnacle is an expression used in Numerology to denote long-term phases that occur in everyone’s life. Understanding these phases will help you to know what actions and behaviour will be beneficial to you and which endeavours won’t. This applies to any cycle that you may be passing through. While some phases will strengthen you others may prove challenging until you learn what is required from you during that period. Perhaps a pinnacle would be best described as an evolutionary process that urges an individual to grow and to develop along specific lines. Your free will allows you to make a choice of either going with one or against it. Tao Buddhists refer to this as ‘treading the path’ and when life becomes extraordinarily difficult you can pretty much accept that you’re not on it.


Your first pinnacle is also the longest. It may be behind you now or yet to come but in any event if you want to reveal it then the formula is quite easy. All you have to do is follow the simple steps that I’ve shown later in this article.


It stands to reason that the first pinnacle in anyone’s life is a formative one. It begins at birth and ends somewhere between the ages of twenty-seven and thirty four depending upon the individuals’ date of birth. Every event that occurs during a pinnacle follows a particular trend. During its influence a person needs to learn to play the hand that they’ve been dealt. Some mistakes will inevitably follow but there will often be accomplishments too, although they don’t tend to linger in the memory quite as long as the testing times. When the first pinnacle reaches its peak all of one’s personal experiences throughout one’s younger years coalesce and a period of transition occurs.


Each of us has a personal year that brings our first pinnacle to its zenith. If you are able to view your particular year dispassionately then you will recognize it as being partly a process of elimination. As such; people and situations will briefly return to your life only to be purged because they no longer serve any purpose with regards to your future. If you are willing to embrace the year wholeheartedly then be prepared to let go so that events can take an easier course. Attempting to hold on to outdated circumstances and people will cause this to be a melancholy and emotional twelve months. In order to move on successfully you will also need to extend your ability to forgive and forget. This attitude will allow you to leave any unnecessary baggage behind you as you look ahead optimistically to your next pinnacle. Ensure that you attend to outstanding duties such as settling your debts and tying up loose ends so that your mind is cleared of distractions.


The final year of your pinnacle is primarily a time of transition prior to the door to your future opening afresh. When finding yourself in that year it is best to side-step any new commitments until the month of September comes to an end. If you mistakenly instigate anything new or make major purchases in the early part of that year then the chances are that you will suffer losses. Just to be clear, the year under discussion is the one that you will discover when you make the calculation below.


The only exception to the following rule is when your birthdate adds up to a total of 1. When this happens you should treat it as a 10 and deduct that from 36.


  • Add all of the digits in your birthdate together. As an example let us say that the birthdate in question is 5th of July 1975 you would take all of these numbers and add them together. 5+7+1+9+7+5 = 34.


  • Then take the total number and add the two figures together e.g. 3+4 = 7.


  • Finally subtract the number that you end up with from 36. In my example we have ended up with 29 as the age at which the pinnacle reached its summit. Yours will depend upon your date of birth and the total that you achieve.


You now have enough information to either look back and to analyse the singular year when your life took a new path or if it is yet to arrive then you can calculate your numbers so that you will know when it will occur.




Dark Rituals, By Peter Dobrovic

Ritual magic can be traced back throughout occult history. It is probably the oldest method of invocation; a summons to someone or something using words of power, paraphernalia, certain gestures, and even sacrifices at specifically chosen locations and times. Its roots may be medieval but its practice continues today. It is custom to hold these rites in secret so it would be unusual to come across one by accident but then these things do happen.

Some years ago a friend and I were making use of the extended daytime on a fine Summer Solstice to ride home through the nearby wood. With the daylight lingering after eleven pm it seemed like a good idea. The wood was known to the locals as ‘Donkeys Hollow’. It is an atmospheric area of forest that was once dotted with bomb craters that were probably a remnant of the Second World War. This was an ideal place for young men of our age to perform daredevil stunts on our bikes and to show off our scars when things went wrong.

We cycled across the tract of land that lead up to the Hollow and crossed the tree lined perimeter that headed into the wood. The light was still good as we passed the largest of the craters and the lily covered pond to its left. We fully expected to see people we knew there but that wasn’t the case on this particular evening. Breaching a line of trees we saw the second crater which unlike the others had a flat even floor and was shallow at approximately eight feet in depth. On this night it was occupied.

I’d written a thesis about occult rituals so I was familiar with the scene that faced us. At a glance seven robed men were gathered in the crater below us. They were in the process of laying out magical paraphernalia on covered trestle tables. There were a selection of items including candles, censers, chalices and ritual daggers among a host of other implements to be seen there.

The men that we had startled wore silk robes in either gold, purple or white. Some wore their hoods up while others were down revealing intelligent faces. Our intrusion had come as a complete surprise to them. There was a pregnant pause while everyone grasped what had just happened and then all hell broke loose. A sudden sound of motorbike engines ruined the stillness and drew our attention to the presence of the Hells Angels. They were sat astride their bikes around the rim of the crater. Hired muscle, there to fend off intruders like ourselves and they were about to earn their keep.

The spell broke and everyone moved. The bikers rode straight at us and we both reacted instinctively. We weren’t stupid so we got out of there fast using the densest areas of the wood to make it more difficult for the bikers. We knew Donkeys Hollow well and perhaps that saved us. Then again our pursuers may have only wanted to scare us off without the need for violence. Either way we managed to exit the wood with our skins intact.

What we’d witnessed that night did not bear any of the hallmarks associated with Wicca or Paganism. Neither had we stumbled into someone’s’ film set as those preparations were all too real. The likelihood is that this was a Dark Sabbat. Although some say that they are pure fiction this strikes me as a little naive. People will always strive for power and influence by whatever means they find appropriate. Furthermore the preparations that we’d witnessed involved financial costs. All the ceremonial trappings as well as the hire of the bikers would have involved substantial money. So that suggests that these were professional people who took their clandestine rituals seriously.

Although this turned out to be a low key incident the wider implications have the potential to be more threatening. Do individuals who undertake these rites with serious intent believe that they know exactly what they are doing? Or on the other hand are they so consumed by their egos that they leave themselves open to manipulation by unknown forces. If so then what damage might they be doing in their thirst for supremacy?

In the present day we associate the Summer Solstice with modern Druids and Wicca or Pagan festivals that celebrate Mother Earth and the changing of the seasons but it is important to be aware that there is no light without the accompanying darkness.

Viewing a past life By Peter Dobrovic

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see a past life; to look at a familiar face, only for it to unexpectedly change into that of a stranger? How would you feel? Would you be intrigued or paralyzed by fear?

Opening your mind to such influences is easier than you might think. That’s probably why so many of us remain unreceptive; just to be on the safe side.

The following account stems from a remarkable incident that occurred during a session with a client. It had left me determined to delve further along that path.

This is what happened.

I’d decided to see whether I could replicate an event; one that to all intents and purposes appeared to reveal a clients’ past life. It was for that reason that I’d tentatively approached a close friend. He was without doubt the most pragmatic person that I knew.

I felt that his character would lend credibility to any positive results that we might achieve. I’d asked him whether he would be willing to assist in research related to reincarnation. He was naturally dubious but eventually consented to being a guinea pig for an evening. With that agreement we seated ourselves in a well-lit room and prepared.

In order to make any progress in our attempt we first had to attain the correct mental state. This required a blend of attitudes such as anticipation; an effort to see beyond immediate appearances and an open responsiveness to the soul that we were investigating. This mind-set helped to strike the right balance. The next step was to try to connect to the Akashic records. In esoteric philosophy, the Akashic record is a chronicle of all human history. Every thought or spoken word, emotion, and intention ever to have taken place in the past, present, or future can apparently be found there.

When all was complete we set about taking a glimpse beyond our current identities.

Nothing happened for a while, then without warning my friend was no longer there. The man who now sat in his place possessed a tangible presence and a marked intensity. We were staring directly at each other so I couldn’t avoid taking in his physical appearance. I was looking at a man with dark close-cut hair who had a lean build and gave the impression that he could look after himself. Estimating his height I reckoned him to be a shade over six feet. His determined jawline and high intelligent forehead indicated he was a force to be reckoned with.

His clothing consisted of a blue-grey serge uniform with a British flyers insignia stitched onto the breast.

I felt severe discomfort because of his unwavering gaze. He didn’t speak or have the need to as the force of his personality was strong. This man had faced great adversity in his past and had not backed down. There was confidence and an unremitting resolve in those eyes and I found it extremely difficult to meet them.

My uneasiness caused me to lessen the growing tension so I brought the experiment to an abrupt halt.

With the deadlock broken the room returned to its normal atmosphere. Thankfully my friend was back in place but looking a little bemused. He had received no results for his efforts but, given his logical disposition that was to be expected. I described what I had witnessed and, after a brief pause he began to recount a tale that gave some credence to my vision of the pilot.

Although we had been comrades since childhood there were many things that had never been discussed. The following was one of them.

For a number of years my friend had suffered a re-occurring childhood nightmare. In it he was a World War Two pilot who was nursing a damaged bomber back to England. He was aware that the plane was losing altitude and that he needed an open space to crash land it. As he stared out of the cockpit he could see the backs of houses below with children playing in the yards. He was determined to steer his plane away from these populated areas before bringing it down. He had finally seen unoccupied land and had aimed for it. That was all that he ever remembered on waking up.

I try not to pass judgement about this episode, as there are various possibilities available. Was the pilot a figment of my imagination, who knows?

I therefore leave it entirely for you to decide what the truth might be.

Peter Dobrovic,

Professional Numerologist,

Evidence of a past life? By Peter Dobrovic

Perhaps the greatest philosophical question, involves proving the continuity of existence following physical death. Although tangible evidence continues to elude us, occasional flashes of perception do appear when we least expect them. Sometimes these events are akin to receiving an unexpected tap on the shoulder while sitting alone at night. Would any of us welcome such an intrusion? After all ‘the unexpected’ can be most unsettling.

The following occurrence generated just such an insight and at the time it was very disconcerting.

I was keeping an appointment with a client at my home address. His name was Michael and he had previously commissioned a personality profile from me. It had described him as an ‘old soul’ with remarkable extrasensory capabilities. He had requested to see me again because he was interested in undergoing regression into past lives. His reasoning was that it might help him to shed light on some of the strange memories that he had been struggling with.

I refused to attempt hypnosis but instead suggested that we employ a fantasy scenario that I sometimes use in these kinds of instances. He was intrigued by the idea so I arranged some recording equipment in order to capture any pertinent data during the session. I sat opposite him and instigated some safety features prior to beginning. This was just in case Michael should display any abnormal behaviour. Once we had agreed on the procedures that were to be followed we got underway.

As instructed Michael closed his eyes and took his first step on an imaginary path that I created for him. He was quite relaxed and conscious at all times. Using suggestions I slowly moved him along on his journey. Eventually the path reaches a significant turning point for everyone that treads it. He was one of those rare individuals that continued on when others had subconsciously turned back. While observing him I noticed that he had become quite preoccupied, then just as I was about to speak my tongue froze in my mouth. I had never encountered an experience like this one before so I was quite unprepared when it occurred. I wasn’t sure how or when the substitution had taken place but instead of facing Michael I suddenly found myself staring at a stranger who was sitting in his place.

My client was eighteen years of age but in a heartbeat I found myself in the company of a man who’d looked to be in his late forties. I noticed that his hair was light brown, curly and greying. This man was solid and had a masculine build but what had thrown me completely off balance was that he appeared to be wearing an ancient Greek robe.

I immediately rubbed my eyes in astonishment as if the action would rid me of the apparition but on looking again it was still there. The clothing that this man wore consisted of a course woollen undergarment with loose folded material on the top slung over the left shoulder and leather sandals on his feet.

My mind scrambled to contain the situation. The only course that I could think to take was to begin asking questions. I gambled and decided to call the man in front of me by Michael’s name. Although he was very agitated I asked him about his current location. His response was brusque. He said that he didn’t have time to stop and talk to me as he was running late to meet his students on the steps of the Greek theatre. When I pressed him he spoke of carrying scrolls that he was going to use to outline the lessons for that day. He was so anxious about being delayed that I limited my interrogation and then allowed him to figuratively continue on his way. After a brief waiting period I instructed Michael to return to the here and now. As he complied the vision subsequently faded.

On his return Michael was alert and quite at ease but could not remember anything about his experience. After listening to the recording of the session he was both amazed and perplexed, especially when I recounted my side of the occurrence. We agreed to accept the incident with open minds prior to my bringing the appointment to a close.

In conclusion, I don’t have any answers for what took place except to say that I later chose to experiment further with close friends and achieved some startling results. Is this evidence of reincarnation? We’ll probably never know but it is certainly an interesting line of investigation for those who aren’t nervous of the unknown.

Peter Dobrovic