Pinnacles, the turning points in your life, by Peter Dobrovic

Pinnacle is an expression used in Numerology to denote long-term phases that occur in everyone’s life. Understanding these phases will help you to know what actions and behaviour will be beneficial to you and which endeavours won’t. This applies to any cycle that you may be passing through. While some phases will strengthen you others may prove challenging until you learn what is required from you during that period. Perhaps a pinnacle would be best described as an evolutionary process that urges an individual to grow and to develop along specific lines. Your free will allows you to make a choice of either going with one or against it. Tao Buddhists refer to this as ‘treading the path’ and when life becomes extraordinarily difficult you can pretty much accept that you’re not on it.


Your first pinnacle is also the longest. It may be behind you now or yet to come but in any event if you want to reveal it then the formula is quite easy. All you have to do is follow the simple steps that I’ve shown later in this article.


It stands to reason that the first pinnacle in anyone’s life is a formative one. It begins at birth and ends somewhere between the ages of twenty-seven and thirty four depending upon the individuals’ date of birth. Every event that occurs during a pinnacle follows a particular trend. During its influence a person needs to learn to play the hand that they’ve been dealt. Some mistakes will inevitably follow but there will often be accomplishments too, although they don’t tend to linger in the memory quite as long as the testing times. When the first pinnacle reaches its peak all of one’s personal experiences throughout one’s younger years coalesce and a period of transition occurs.


Each of us has a personal year that brings our first pinnacle to its zenith. If you are able to view your particular year dispassionately then you will recognize it as being partly a process of elimination. As such; people and situations will briefly return to your life only to be purged because they no longer serve any purpose with regards to your future. If you are willing to embrace the year wholeheartedly then be prepared to let go so that events can take an easier course. Attempting to hold on to outdated circumstances and people will cause this to be a melancholy and emotional twelve months. In order to move on successfully you will also need to extend your ability to forgive and forget. This attitude will allow you to leave any unnecessary baggage behind you as you look ahead optimistically to your next pinnacle. Ensure that you attend to outstanding duties such as settling your debts and tying up loose ends so that your mind is cleared of distractions.


The final year of your pinnacle is primarily a time of transition prior to the door to your future opening afresh. When finding yourself in that year it is best to side-step any new commitments until the month of September comes to an end. If you mistakenly instigate anything new or make major purchases in the early part of that year then the chances are that you will suffer losses. Just to be clear, the year under discussion is the one that you will discover when you make the calculation below.


The only exception to the following rule is when your birthdate adds up to a total of 1. When this happens you should treat it as a 10 and deduct that from 36.


  • Add all of the digits in your birthdate together. As an example let us say that the birthdate in question is 5th of July 1975 you would take all of these numbers and add them together. 5+7+1+9+7+5 = 34.


  • Then take the total number and add the two figures together e.g. 3+4 = 7.


  • Finally subtract the number that you end up with from 36. In my example we have ended up with 29 as the age at which the pinnacle reached its summit. Yours will depend upon your date of birth and the total that you achieve.


You now have enough information to either look back and to analyse the singular year when your life took a new path or if it is yet to arrive then you can calculate your numbers so that you will know when it will occur.